DorsaVi is used to assess lower back movement in the clinic and at home and work. It is used by our physiotherapists to provide live training and real-time feedback to you to help you modify and re-train movements.

DorsaVi technology enables:

  • Real-time feedback about lower back pain, leg symmetry & muscle loading
  • Quick identification of your areas of risk
  • Development of strategies to address these risks
  • Potential reduction in your reliance on pain medication
  • Back surgery being avoided in some cases

How Does DorsaVi Work?

DorsaVi consists of:

  • Two wireless movement sensors (MDMs),
  • Two wireless electromyography (EMG) sensors (MDEs)
  • Disposable applicators (Daps)
  • A recording and feedback device (RFD)
  • LIVE software package

The powerful LIVE software package allows data from the sensors to be stored in a database and in real-time analyse your movement and muscle activity over

  • a short period of time (in-clinic assessment) or
  • a day (24 hour home/work monitoring)

DorsaVi has been developed in Melbourne and it has been validated in a clinical trial managed by Austin Health.