Women’s Health

Pre- and Postnatal Pilates Program

In previous blogs we have discussed issues women face during and after pregnancy, as well as Clinical Pilates as an effective tool for our patients. In this vlog, Chloe combines the two to outline our Pre- and Postnatal Pilates Program, and how it is of tremendous benefit to new and expectant mums.  

Common Musculoskeletal Conditions Post Pregnancy

I’m no longer pregnant, why am I so sore?   As we spoke about in the last blog – pain during pregnancy is a big issue for some women; but it goes away post pregnancy, right? For some, yes – once baby is born the pelvic load is reduced and so pain subsides. For others […]

Mastitis: What is it? And How Can Physiotherapy Help?

Mastitis – What is it? Mastitis is a common condition during breastfeeding that involves inflammation of the breast milk ducts. This inflammation usually occurs as a result of milk ducts not being completely emptied, and can be infectious or non-infectious. Blocked ducts present as a tender lump in the breast with or without local redness.   […]