Concussion Headaches – What are they? How can Physiotherapy help?

What is Concussion? Concussion is defined as a direct blow or impulse that causes rapid onset of impairment which resolves spontaneously and quickly and is demonstrated by functional (eg symptomatic) rather than structural changes. Studies show that between 95 to 100% of concussed subjects have headache as part of their symptoms, while only 10-15% suffer […]

Common Musculoskeletal Conditions Post Pregnancy

I’m no longer pregnant, why am I so sore?   As we spoke about in the last blog – pain during pregnancy is a big issue for some women; but it goes away post pregnancy, right? For some, yes – once baby is born the pelvic load is reduced and so pain subsides. For others […]

The Pelvic Floor and Physiotherapy

What is the pelvic floor? The pelvic floor is the collection of muscles and connective tissue that make up the floor of the pelvis. The muscular component stretches like a sling from the pubic bone at the front to the tailbone at the back, and consists of a deep layer and a superficial layer.   […]

Mastitis: What is it? And How Can Physiotherapy Help?

Mastitis – What is it? Mastitis is a common condition during breastfeeding that involves inflammation of the breast milk ducts. This inflammation usually occurs as a result of milk ducts not being completely emptied, and can be infectious or non-infectious. Blocked ducts present as a tender lump in the breast with or without local redness.   […]

Ask the Physio

This week we’re launching our Ask the Physio initiative for you to get knowledge, information or advice directly from a physiotherapist. Instead of sifting through the questionable information on the Internet, send us an email at One of our professional physiotherapists will give you a thorough and detailed answer to your question. Please note […]