Ask the Physio

Occupational TherapyThis week we’re launching our Ask the Physio initiative for you to get knowledge, information or advice directly from a physiotherapist. Instead of sifting through the questionable information on the Internet, send us an email at One of our professional physiotherapists will give you a thorough and detailed answer to your question. Please note that we may publish both your question and the answer, although we will remove any personal information to ensure your anonymity.

So reach out and ask us anything about the human body, and feel free to give us a brief history of your physical background if it’s a personal injury you’re asking about. We will take the time to address both the cause and treatment of the issue, and then publish it for others with the same issue. And remember: No question is too simple. Where the human body is concerned, sometimes what seem to be the simplest things are actually quite complex.

If you have a question for one of our physiotherapists, email us at

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